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GenIMPACT Update: Social Innovation Fund Makes a Difference

Fri, Jun 25, 2021 at 10:25AM

  • GenIMPACT Update: Social Innovation Fund Makes a Difference
  • GenIMPACT Update: Social Innovation Fund Makes a Difference
  • GenIMPACT Update: Social Innovation Fund Makes a Difference
  • GenIMPACT Update: Social Innovation Fund Makes a Difference

Earlier this year GenIMPACT hosted their Social Innovation Fund event that allowed many young game-changers in our community to make a difference by putting together a pitch for their own projects that would benefit others. Here's a brief update on how those projects are going.


Reading Room – In preparation for setting up the Reading Room at the Dickerson Center, the Spruce Creek High School students shopped for furniture and paint supplies and painted the Reading Room. They also conducted a county-wide book drive in collaboration with District 7 National Honors Society and organized all books according to reading level and genre. They are making progress and are excited about getting the room set up to serve the community!


Project O.C.E.A.N –  Flagler Palm Coast High students visited Wadsworth and Rymfire Elementary schools and presented to 82 students about protecting marine life. Their initial plan to partner with an organization’s effort in sea turtle protection did not pan out. Instead, they used their funds to provide materials, games and t-shirts for the elementary students. These materials help spread awareness of what is occurring in the oceans. These young, brilliant minds were very interactive, great listeners, and seemed to love what the FPC students had to say about protecting their favorite sea creatures.  


Wildcats Care Project - During this first quarter of our project, the Aging Studies undergraduate Bethune Cookman University students had to shift the timeline slightly. Instead, they employed a pilot study for their workshops and will begin using the funds in Fall 2021. During this pilot, students developed the program and facilitated virtual presentations on Covid-19, Mental Health & Nutrition for their intended audience: older adults 65+ in the midtown Daytona Beach community (32114). Participants were surveyed and demonstrated an interest in the topics presented. This will provide a helpful framework as they transition to in-person presentations and workbook production in the fall.


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