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United Way's ALICE Report

United Way coined the acronym ALICE which stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed.  The ALICE Report places a spotlight on a large population of hardworking residents who work yet have little or no savings, and are one emergency from falling into poverty. The Report, compiled by Rutgers University, is the most comprehensive depiction to date of financial need in each county across Florida, using the latest data from a variety of sources, including the U.S. Census. The Report unveils new measures, based on households’ income levels and expenses that quantify the size of who in Florida’s workforce is struggling financially, and why. 

Key ALICE Report Findings

  • Nearly 1 in 3 Florida households work hard, live above the Federal Poverty Limit and still cannot consistently afford the basics of housing, food, healthcare, childcare, and transportation.
  • There are more than 3.4 million households in Florida who do not make enough to consistently afford the basics. This prevents them from saving to protect their family against an emergency.
  • 43% of Volusia Households, 42% of Flagler Households and 46% across Florida do not earn enough to consistently cover the basic living expenses highlighted by the ALICE Threshold.
  • More than 67 percent of jobs in Florida pay less than $20 per hour, with 72 percent of those jobs paying less than $15 per hour
  • There are systemic problems that will not be solved with a magic bullet – policymakers, academics, business and social service agencies need to work together to address long-term systemic change.

The Report


ALICE in Flagler County

ALICE in Volusia County

Past Reports

2017 Report

ALICE Snapshot InfoGraph - 2 page infograph to help tell the story of ALICE. 
Meet Alice
- 2 page summary and introduction to ALICE Report

ALICE Report and Corporate Engagement Info Sheet

We WAnt to hear your story.

Are you ALICE?  Is your family working but struggling to make ends meet?  If so, we want to hear from you!  Tell us your story.

How YOU Can Help ALICE

Raise Awareness

The ALICE population is not new, but the ALICE Report documents for the first time - in some startling ways – their struggles. The ALICE Report is an important tool for us all to consider as we define ourselves, our businesses, and our economy.  YOU can share the ALICE Report and to start talking about what this means for our community and our future. Use the hashtag #MeetALICE and share the report.

Sample Tweets: Copy and paste into Twitter or just Follow @yourunitedway and retweet and favorite!

  • @yourunited is shedding light on those who are struggling in our community #MeetALICE 
  • 43% of our families, can't afford to live here.  @yourunitedway wants to get the conversation going. #MeetALICE 
  • Working hard, but things just arent' working? You're not alone. #MeetALICE @yourunitedway  

Improve Access

Opportunities exist to help ALICE become more stable yet many people do not access them because of insufficient or incorrect information. Share what you know about ALICE and United Way’s work in Education, Income and Financial Stability.  Contact United Way’s 2-1-1 to find already existing programs and services.  Help us seek out new solutions for lasting change.





Raising issues and solutions that are important to you, your business and community’s success is essential to promoting true collective impact. United Way needs you to give input, suggest solutions, and speak out on the issues you care about that affect ALICE.