Generation IMPACT

United Way's Generation IMPACT is a philanthropy-driven group dedicated to promoting leadership and community involvement among local young professionals. Members of Generation IMPACT are tasked with allocating the United Way's annual Social Innovation Fund, which supports student-led innovative projects that address some of the most pressing challenges in our community.



The mission of Generation IMPACT is to lead sustainable change by developing future community impact leaders, fostering social innovation, and promoting civic engagement in Volusia and Flagler Counties. 

Social Innovation Fund (SIF) :


2022-2023 SIF Cycle

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Generation IMPACT manages the UWVFC Social Innovation Fund, which provides local high school, college, or vocational school students with mini grants in order to implement innovative projects that address critical challenges in Flagler and/or Volusia counties.

The Social Innovation Fund (SIF) provides local high school, college, or vocational school students with mini grants in order to implement innovative projects that address critical challenges in Flagler and Volusia Counties. The SIF program is managed by Generation IMPACT, a group of young professionals with a common goal of Innovating Modern Philanthropy and Community Transformation in Volusia and Flagler Counties.

Generation IMPACT believes that the solutions to many of the challenges facing Flagler and Volusia counties lie with some of the most innovative members of our community: Students. In order to address the root causes of the most pressing in our community, we need innovative thinkers who are passionate about civic engagement and social change.

SIF Proposal Requirements:

  1. Projects must address issues in one of the following areas:
    1. Education: Absenteeism, graduation rates, discipline, literacy,
    2. Financial Stability: Housing, income, access to good jobs, financial literacy,
    3. Health: diabetes, injury prevention, opioid crisis, food insecurity, healthy living, community safety,
    4. EDI: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  2. Projects must work to improve the lives of ALICE families in Flagler and/or Volusia Counties. ALICE represents those woring hard and are above the poverty line, but due to high costs of living and factors often beyond their control, must live paycheck to paycheck. To learn more about ALICE visit

How to Apply:

  1. Submit your letter of intent. Go to, select “Social Innovation Fund Mini-Grant Application” and submit a quick summary of what your project proposes to do. This is the first screening process and is due by November 10, 2022. You can do this as a video proposal or a letter. The questions you need to answer are included in a provided template.
  2. Committee review. Selected applicants will be invited to submit a full grant proposal. Groups will be assigned a mentor to assist in developing the proposal. Full proposals will be due December 9, 2022.
  3. Pitch competition. Applicants will participate in a pitch competition in January of 2023. At this event, projects will be presented, and funding will be awarded.

For more information please contact Generation IMPACT at or Francine Martin at

Generation IMPACT Members:

Randolyn Haley Unite Us Board Chair
Kathryn Nagib Halifax Health Vice Chair
Enaris Inman Daytona State College Secretary
Teresa Wiggins City of Port Orange Marketing Chair
Cynthia Lane Chiumento Law Social Innovation Fund Chair
Taylor Duguay DaVita Labs Membership and Recruitment Chair
Ida Babazadeh AdventHealth Service and Social Chair
Ethan Johnson Florida Department of Health  Board Liaison
Heather Prasse Brown and Brown Insurance Treasurer and Fundraising Chair
Stephanie Park Future Foundations  Board Member 


For more information about Generation IMPACT or the Social Innovation Fund, please contact or Francine Martin at 386-275-1948 or


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