Community Impact Cabinet

August 2016, the Community Impact Cabinet convened for the first time.

The Community Impact Cabinet (CIC) is a group of community-minded, subject-area experts from Volusia and Flagler counties. This dynamic group of individuals is responsible for strategically mapping United Way of Volusia-Flagler Counties' priority areas, reviewing requests for funding, recommending Community Impact funding, and monitoring programs and results from those programs. To view a more detailed explanation, follow the Job Description link provided. 


The CIC is comprised of 12 members and is chaired by Robin King.  


Education Financial Stability Health  

Jennifer Kelly

Volusia County Schools

Janet Hamer


Patricia Boswell

Volusia Dept. of Health




Robin King

CareerSource Flagler Volusia


Stephanie Rees

APA Wood


John Polizzi





Catie Rosekelly


Will Landreth


Maralee Walsh

Retired (formerly, UCF)




Catherine Twyman

Daytona State College

KC Irons

TD Bank

Ann Boughtin





The CIC is responsible for the visioning and strategic direction of the Community Impact Model for the United Way of Volusia-Flagler Counties. The three main areas of focus for the Cabinet are: strategy mapping, investments and implementation, and monitoring. To apply for the CIC, please email Randolyn Haley at