Disaster Recovery

Tips for helping after a Disaster


1. Make a monetary donation

This is the most effective and quickest way to help those who have suffered after a disaster. When making a donation make sure you pick a reputable organization. Cash donations allow agencies to buy locally which infuses money into the local economy.


2. Collect relief supplies

Before collecting relief supplies, find out if there is an agency that can accept them. Remember, the disaster landscape changes quickly, so act quickly. If an agency needs water today, they may not necessarily need water tomorrow. Social media sites like Facebook have up-to-date postings of needed supplies. Factor in shipping costs if you’re not planning on delivering your donations yourself.

When collecting food make sure they are nonperishable items, avoid homemade items and anything with glass.


3. Avoid clearing your closet

Sorting, sizing and distributing clothes can sometimes be a less effective way of lending a helping hand after a disaster. Instead of donating clothing volunteer your time or make a monetary donation.


4. Volunteer your time

Volunteers play a major role in helping the community and its victims. There are numerous opportunities available where you can lend a hand and become a disaster relief volunteer, click Volunteering to learn more.  Addtionally here are some of the agencies we partner with; The American Red Cross, Volusia County COAD (Community Organizations Active in Disaster), Salvation Army, Interfaith agencies, Medical Reserve Corps, and Volusia County Emergency Management.

Apply with our general volunteer application here!


Please note: After applying to be a volunteer you will receive more information on how to connect with a disaster recovery or governmental agency. United Way does not train, host, or deploy disaster volunteers.